Lobster Charters

The best months to go lobstering are August through October as it the water is warm still and the winds are usually mild before the winter cold fronts come.  Starting in November those cold fronts come through and its usually breezy and the water remains stirred up and dirty throughout the rest of the lobster season.  Dirty (and chilly) water make it very hard to find the lobster spots and have an enjoyable experience so we really just go out for them August -October.

If you are visiting in the winter or spring though (November through March) call and ask about the STONE CRAB TRAP pulling experience for $500 which is offered that time of year!

Licensing, gloves, nets, and tickle sticks are included for up to 4* passengers.  All you need to supply is your snorkel gear and bring food and drinks.

RATES:  $600-$700 ($700 for mini season and first 3 opening days of regular season) for a 3-4 hour trip.  Credit card required for deposit.  $200 cancellation fee charged  if a scheduled charter is cancelled inside of 2 weeks or if you no show the day of your reserved trip.  3% service fee charged for all credit card transactions.

Most of the lobster spots are between 8 and 15 feet deep so customers should be comfortable snorkelers/swimmers and realize they will be free diving and holding their breath in those depths to catch lobster.  Plan on having a fun experience learning to catch lobster and and enjoying snorkeling on the reefs.  There are always lobster around to catch but not all of them are keepers of course.  We usually catch a bunch during the charter that end up being released because they are to small to keep, and hopefully we can grab a few big ones for dinner!

*There is another bay boat and captain who works with me and can also take 4 people so we can accommodate groups up to 8.






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